About Team Shizun

Team Shizun is an  Utau group made by HYI-Studios. They originally started out life as the TRAPLOIDS, with TREI and PO meaning "trap." Trei was voiced by Evillivy and Po by Hale. After Trei and Po were created, IzuiII decided that he wanted to join the fun, and thus, Sin-Ga was made. Sin-Ga's addition made the full name Trap Singer,  

For a while They were the only utaus we had, until we decided to make genderbends. The genderbends were never intended to take on a life of their own, just being appends, but they started to develop their own personalities.  

Around the same time the genderbends were being made, Hale was voicing an utau for somebody. They became impossible to deal with and at first we planned to retire the voice we used for her. The voice grew on us, and we decided instead of letting the work go to waste we would make her into an utau as well, using her to fill the roster of group songs.  With Kuota born it was only a matter of time until she got a genderbend. 

Once the family was completed we decided to officially retire the Trap theme and began in a new direction. Now they are based on the seasons, and EvillivY, Hale, and IzuiII form HYI-Studios.

After a few years of us making videos Evillivy's sister SAN (Stargazingfox] decided she wanted to join out group. Now Team Shizun welcomes another member: Chisami! SAN does the art for Chisami and Evillivy is teaching her the finer points of the utau program. 

Thank you for listening to our story, and supporting our utaus.




  • Team Shizun banks are free to use for commercial work as long as you credit appropriately

  •  Team Shizun voice files can be used to develop and test other synths without asking permission. I do ask that if you release the voice as a synth please reference the character in the design somewhere (it can just be a fox charm or something like that)

  • You can use the banks for NSFW content. 

  • You can NOT use the banks for racist/homophobic content. 

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